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A complete range covering all your car care needs 

Total Car Care Products have been designed to give your engine the care it deserves and provide all the necessary products to ensure that your car care needs are met, in accordance with quality, safety and technology.

Available online and at select retail outlets across Pakistan, our Car Care range is structured around two segments:


Maintenance Segment:

Hot Country Coolant Car Care

Hot Country Coolant

TOTAL has engineered this coolant’s thermal conductivity and boiling point especially countries with higher temperatures such as Pakistan. TOTAL Hot-Country Coolant provides high temperature resistance for all types of petrol and diesel engines and long-term protection for radiators and water pumps. It removes scale and offsets corrosion. It suits every light and heavy vehicle and is compatible with all cooling circuit materials, whilst meeting new NF-R-15.601 manufacturer standards.
Radiator Cleaner Car Care

Radiator Cleaner

TOTAL Radiator Cleaner descales and cleanses cooling systems in depth. It can be used with all types of radiators in cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles and heavy construction machinery. Leaves a protective film to prevent deposit formation, boosts the coolant’s heat transferring properties, and extends radiator and water-pump life. It is compatible with antifreezes and coolants, and is harmless to radiator hoses and gaskets.



Comfort Segment:

Express Polish Car Care

Express Polish

The TOTAL Express Polish removes stains and dirt from the body of the vehicle. Presented in the form of a pleasantly perfumed milk, the product spreads out very easily to clean, polish and shine without rinsing. It also facilitates dust removal from surfaces and gives a long term protective shining, resulting from the nature of wax deposited during the cleaning that forms a hydrophobic and anticorrosion film. The product can be applied to all surfaces; ranging from metallic varnished to stratified surfaces. 
Auto-Shampoo Car Care

Auto Shampoo

Thanks to its solvent-free formula, TOTAL Auto Plus Shampoo dislodges stubborn grime and insect marks, making the vehicle shine without altering the paintwork or color. Its stable, homogeneous and subtly scented lather is easy to rinse and dries without leaving streaks.
Wheel Cleaner Car Care

Wheel Cleaner

High-performance product for automobile consumer use, the TOTAL Wheel Cleaner frees easily the wheel rims of spots and accumulated dusts, returning them their brightness, eliminating sticky brake dusts and dissolving greases. Can be used on every types of wheel rims and standard hub caps in good condition. Do not use this product on polished and unglazed aluminum rims as well as on damaged wheel rims. Deposits a protective film thus slows down the fouling.
Engine Cleaner

Engine Cleaner

TOTAL Engine Cleaner comes with an easy-to-use spray nozzle. It is used to clean external engine components and other mechanical parts, including hard-to-access recesses, thoroughly. Its heavy duty active foam dislodges and removes deep-seated oil and grease without harming your engine’s gaskets, radiator hoses or other rubber parts
Cockpit Cleaner Car Care

Cockpit Cleaner

Use at any angle, TOTAL Cockpit Cleaner cleans all types of interior plastic, vinyl, imitation-leather, varnished-wood and rubber surfaces in depth. It restores and revives coverings leaving a handsome satin finish and offsets aging. It deposits a long-lasting, antistatic, water repellent and invisible-when-dry film that inhibits dust collection. along with leaving a pleasant fragrance.
Multipurpose Upholstery Cleaner

Multipurpose Upholstery Cleaner

TOTAL Multipurpose Upholstery Cleaner cleanses all types of upholstery and carpets thoroughly. Its active foam dissolves greasy smudges and dislodges entrenched stains compounding the grime. It revives upholstery colors without weakening the fabric. It also annihilates bacteria and suppresses unpleasant odors, leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance.
Ambience Perfume Tropical

Ambience Perfume - Tropical

TOTAL Ambience Perfume (Tropical) refreshes vehicle interiors, suppresses unpleasant smells and leaves a pleasant tropical perfume. Amongst its features includes the product's ability to be utilized in several applications at Office or at Home. Moreover, the dry spraying feature ensures that there is no damp fallout.

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