Bitumen & Special Fluids

Bitumen: TOTAL PARCO is the  very name of durability and reliability when it comes to Bitumen. We are offering two variants in market; Parco Bitumen 60/70 and 80/100. Parco Bitumen 60/70 is the conventional Bitumen that is used in asphalt roads and paving through heat based technology. Parco Bitumen 80/100 is used in construction of road surfaces; patchwork, production of polymer modified bitumen binders and emulsified bitumen.

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Special Fluids/Solvent Oils: Solvent oils also known as special fluids, are used for oil extraction, path and coating, in adhesives, car polishes, cosmetics, pesticides, insecticides, sealants, metal cutting and plasticizers. Ranging from C5-C10, we are dealing in a wide variety of hydrocarbons such as Special Boiling Point Spirits, White Spirit, Isoparaffins, Arometics, De-arometics, Xylene and Toulene.

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