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TOTAL's extensive range of engine oils for cars is designed to perform regardless of age, make or engine capacity. We even offer uniquely formulated oils for use in older cars that are not suited for modern synthetic oils.


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Our range of engine oils includes:

  • TOTAL QUARTZ 9000: A synthetic oil providing superior levels of engine performance and protection. It also provides TOTAL's highest levels of engine cleanliness. TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 is long-lasting, extending intervals between oil changes. Available in two SAE viscosities of 5w30 and 0w20.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 5000: Premium multi-grade engine oil for all engines, recommended for all high performance gasoline engine cars equipped with direct-injection, multi valve & turbo-charged technologies. Available at API SN performance level and SAE 10w40 viscosity grade.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 4000: High performance multi-grade engine oil for all engines. Recommended for gasoline engines including turbocharged or multi-valve. Specially designed at API SM performance level with a heavier viscosity grade of SAE 20w50 for added protection.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ 3000: Multi-grade engine oil for all engines. Recommended for gasoline engines. Available in API SG grade and SAE 20w50.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ CNG: Multi-grade engine oil for CNG engines. Recommended for gasoline engines. Available in API SG grade and SAE 20w50.
  • TOTAL QUARTZ with ART: The TOTAL QUARTZ range also includes Quartz with ART (Age - Resistance - Technology), which improves your engine's ability to withstand mechanical ageing. This breakthrough innovation increases molecular interaction, providing the ultimate protection for your engine. Your engine's life will be prolonged and maintenance costs will be reduced. Look for the ART logo on engine oil packs.

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QUARTZ 9000 02-20 Engine Oil
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Learn about TOTAL QUARTZ

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Discover what makes TOTAL QUARTZ Engine Oil a champion performer for your motor vehicle!

The Total Motorsport Research & Development team is the team responsible for the engineering of TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants. Quite simply, TOTAL QUARTZ engine oils are the result of harnessing the advanced innovations and know-how developed from international motorsports.

And when it comes to motorsports, Total is an all-around champion. Beyond just victory on the race tracks our aim is to use our experience to provide the advancements derived from motorsports to every customer. Indeed, TOTAL QUARTZ is the engine oil that keeps your engine younger for longer.


Recommended By Car Manufacturers

Many Big Name Automakers recommend TOTAL QUARTZ​. Our partnership with these major brands spans many years based on a trust that Total Engine Oils are best for their vehicles.


Total in Motorsports

Do you love racing? Our passion for Motorsports drives our prowess in the manufacture of high performance lubricants. Excellence on the track translates to leadership in the lubricants market.