Being Socially Responsible:

Total Group is a corporate entity with a worldwide presence that strongly believes in the development of the communities in which it operates.  

TOTAL PARCO Pakistan Limited (TPPL), which prides itself on being a responsible OMC, is also committed to local socio-economic uplift and development as well as ensuring operational safety for all stakeholders. Environmental remediation actions are also a key pillar of our CSR philosophy.

Our Core Principles:

TPPL aims to place itself among socially responsible energy providers by sharing its resources and expertise with local communities and finding new innovative ways of operations that are less impactful on the environment. TPPL conducts its operations according to the following core principles:

  • Safety & Transportation: Promoting a strong safety culture within and outside the organization and ensuring security of people, transport and facilities.
  • Environment and Climate: Managing operational impact on the environment and minimizing its footprint.
  • Culture and Heritage: Preserving, transmitting and supporting cultural heritage.
  • Social and Professional Integration: Supporting academic and professional education through various social initiatives.
  • Other Local Commitments: Access to clean water and health care, energy conservation, developing infrastructure for general public are our other local commitments.

Our Societal Approach:

Reliably meeting energy needs of our growing population, introducing ways to limit the global warming and changing patterns of the customer needs constitute the major challenges in the petroleum sector today. To address these challenges, TOTAL PARCO has developed a societal approach based on 4 levers of action:

  • Lever 1 – Stakeholder Relationship Management: Managing relationship with external stakeholders by deploying community uplift and engagement activities
  • Lever 2 – Impact Management of Operational Activities: Managing and reducing the impact of our operations on people and the environment
  • Lever 3 – Socio-Economic and Cultural Development of the Community: Implementing actions to address the societal challenges and ensuring sustainable development for the communities where we operate
  • Lever 4 – Educational Initiatives: Supporting educational institutions in providing greater access to superior learning tools especially for children from lesser-privileged areas

Corporate Social Responsibility at TOTAL PARCO:

Our CSR initiatives revolve around five areas, highlighted previously, which are important for a community’s sustainable development: Safety and Transportation, Environment and Climate, Culture and Heritage, Social and Professional Integration & Duties towards Local Communities.

Some of our CSR activities under these heads, focussed via the levers of action above, include the following:

  • Road Safety Program: Transportation safety is always our primary focus. We have developed Road Safety Management protocols (PATROM) to ensure the safety of goods and persons, preservation of the environment and the guaranteeing of product quality during transit. Vehicle and driver assessment are done regularly which is followed by defensive driving training for the drivers to prevent accidents.
  • Vapor Recovery Systems:  Vapor Recovery systems are installed at select retail stations. These systems provide the filling station with a large measure of environmental control by reducing the general atmospheric pollution levels of hazardous hydrocarbons.
  • Laptop Donation Drive: In an increasingly technology-driven world, it is essential for students to have greater exposure to information technology.  Therefore, in line with the social and professional integration principle, TOTAL PARCO initiated a laptop donation drive for The Miracle School with an endowment of refurbished laptops.
  • Uplifting Public Spaces: Total Children’s Park is a small park next to Children’s Hospital in Lahore which was renovated with additional plants and swings along with colorful Total branding. The park was designed as a gift for the children being treated at the hospital and other visitors so that they would have a place to relax and enjoy nature.
  • Access to Clean Water: Every Drop Makes an Ocean campaign was conducted after the establishment of our bulk oil depot at Machike. Two units have been set up in the area surrounding the depot so that people can have access to the clean drinking water at all times.
  • Access to Better Health Care: Flu vaccinations for our Staff in collaboration with GSK Pharmaceuticals and Dengue Awareness Campaigns have been frequently conducted to generate awareness for personal wellbeing and support better health for all.