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We are committed to providing top quality products to our customers. To uphold this commitment, TOTAL PARCO ensures quality at every step of the supply chain, primarily through deployment of  the latest fuel technologies which is further supported by continuous upgradation of its retail assets, transportation and storage facilities.

Our retail fuels include:

  • Total Excellium HOBCThe fuel that cleans your engine clean km after km. It prevents upto 93% of deposit buildup* and ensures long-lasting performance. Designed to give your vehicle extra mileage and a smoother drive, it is also eco-friendly.
  • Hi-Super –  Hi-Super is the high-quality regulated gasoline product marketed in Pakistan by TOTAL PARCO.
  • Diesel – Our High Speed Diesel (HSD) is a quality diesel fuel available throughout Pakistan and supplied as per official standards.


TOTAL PARCO stations also carry the complete range of high grade oils for all types of engines:

  • Total Quartz Range – A broad range of petrol engine oils designed to protect and perform and keep your engine younger for longer.
  • Hi-Perf Range –  High quality motorcycle oils for four stroke engines that ensure complete protection of the engine, clutch and gearbox.
  • Rubia Range – Our Rubia range for diesel engines is more than a match for the heavy duty demands placed on diesel engines today.

Total Excellium HOBC

The Fuel that cleans your engine km after km!

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