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TOTAL PARCO: Delivering A Full Range Of Innovative Services

Each time you visit TOTAL PARCO petrol stations, you will be welcomed by a complete service experience uniquely constructed to fulfill all your food, shopping and car care neeeds. TOTAL PARCO petrol pumps - your one-stop solution!

Services at TOTAL PARCO Petrol Stations

Want to grab a quick bite to eat? Need to quickly have your car washed? Look no further, because along with fuels and lubricants, we are continuously diversifying by offering the following additional services at our petrol stations:

cafe bonjour edito small

Bonjour - Cafés & Shops

TQAC Edito Small 


Car Wash Edito Small

Premium Car Wash

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partnerships - Retail

TOTAL PARCO is proud to have strategic alliances with some of the leading companies in Pakistan.