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Tire hai flat aur jana hai dur? Don’t worry, here’s your next move.




 Here’s what you’ll need: Wrench, Jack, Spare Tire, Gloves



1. Find a safe location & turn on your hazard lights

2. Apply the handbrake

3. Remove the hubcap

4. Loosen the lug nuts

5. Place the jack under the vehicle  and raise the vehicle with the jack

6. Unscrew the lug nuts

(The right place for the jack is usually beneath the vehicle frame alongside the tire)

7. Remove the flat tire.

8. Mount the spare tire on the lug bolts.

9. Tighten the lug nuts by hand.

10. Lower the vehicle completely and remove the jack.

11. Replace the hubcap.

12. Stow all equipment.





1. Park in the shade

2. Get rid of hot air

3. Keep your eye on the temperature gauge

4. Turn the floor vents onAdd engine coolant

5. Consider replacing your battery

6. Have your cooling system flushed by a mechanic

(Safety tip: Never add coolant to a hot engine. Wait for the engine to cool before removing the cap or pouring in coolant.)

Flushing involves draining old coolant from the radiator, cleaning it with flush fluid and adding new coolant. Visit your nearest Total PARCO fuelling station for assistance​. 


 Keep Your Car Engine Younger For Longer!



Do you know how to keep your car engine younger for longer? Just follow the easy steps!



OIL CHANGE; WHEN AND HOW? Quite often, extensive damages occur after months and months of a problem growing bigger and not just a sudden mechanical failure. One aspect of your car's routine maintenance that helps everything run smoother is the oil change. Here are some of the most common questions drivers are faced with when it comes to having their vehicle’s oil changed.




Preserving the health of your engine and protecting it from dirt and other contaminants that can affect your driving is a key step to making sure that your car has a long and dependable life. One of the easiest ways to protect your engine is by regularly changing the oil to keep it clean and running smoothly and knowing what to expect when you get your oil changed will help you feel confident that you are getting exactly what you need.


It’s widely accepted and advised that you change your oil filter at the same time that you have the oil changed to ensure your engine stays clean. Your oil filter collects dirt and debris and contaminates from your oil to keep the oil in your car cleaner for longer periods of time. Consult your nearest Total PARCO station for assistance.

Nayi ho ya ho purani, it’s time to try Gari Se Yari! Regular checks is all it takes to make sure your ride is up to date.




In addition to the services, we recommend that you check the following items regularly (for example: weekly, when refuelling, or before any long journey):

1. ENGINE OIL LEVEL: Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, check the engine oil level using the oil level dipstick or the control system via the multifunction steering wheel/display.

2. COOLANT LEVEL: Please refer to the Operator’s Manual for the correct procedure to check the coolant level.

3. BRAKE FLUID LEVEL: If brake fluid has to be added, find your nearest Total PARCO station to determine the cause, e.g. leaks or worn brake pads.

4. WINDSHIELD WASHING SYSTEM: If the washer fluid level drops below 1/3, the windshield washer fluid level warning lamp will illuminate. Add washer fluid, test function and check wiper blades.

5. TIRE CONDITION AND PRESSURES: Check at least monthly. You can find your nearest Total PARCO station for assistance.


Are you ready to try Gari se Yari? Scan the code from the image above and download the car maintenance manual.