The StartUpper Challenge Of The Year 

Because ideas need energy to become something great, Total launches the Startupper Challenge in nearly 60 countries around the world.

The first Startupper of the Year Challange, held in 2015-2016, involved 34 African counteries. More than 11,000 applications were recieved, out of which there were 102 winning projects. From each participant country, 3 young entreprenuers were rewarded with financial support, coaching and media promotion. Some of the success stories are as under: 

Grand Winners in 2016

  • GiftedMom, founded by Alain Nteff, in Cameroon: A mobile app to provide health information and emergency consultations for pregnant women and new mothers. (Presented on the Sanofi Afric@Tech stand at VivaTech 2018)
  • BioAbundance, founded by Astou Ndiaye Fall in Senegal: Recycling agricultural waste by producing biomass briquettes.
  • Fitco Technology, founded by Owosho Opeyemi, in Nigeria: Tabletop LPG gas stove.
  • Sun City Energy, founded by Ahmed Abbas, in Egypt: Mobile solar pumps to supply small farmers with energy for their irrigation systems.

This year ​again, the Challenge targets every young local entrepreneur with an innovative project or idea that could make things change in their country. After several selection steps, our local jury will nominate three winners and the Top Female Entrepreneur Award.

The three winners will get the 2019 STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR Award, along with financial support, exposure and coaching for their project. 

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