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The TOTAL PARCO Club Card is available in two types:

  • Prepaid Club Card – contains pre-paid balance deposited by the customer where the initial balance has to be of at least PKR 3,000 or more. It can be recharged during business hours without any extra charges at one of our selected petrol stations.
  • Postpaid Club Card – With post-paid club card a certain limit is assigned to each user depending on fuel consumption requirement. The minimum limit that has to be assigned is PKR 10,000 against which the user will need to deposit a security of PKR 20,000. Our corporate customers can also submit a bank guarantee from approved banks as an alternative. A monthly billing invoice is generated at the start of each month that the customer will need to clear within 12 days of issuance.


Fueling has never been so convenient before. Now with the TOTAL PARCO Club Card, our customers can avail:

  • Easy Access: A wide range of fuels and engine oils are available at TOTAL PARCO service stations. The TOTAL PARCO Club Card is the quick, easy and practical way to pay for all of these frequent purchases.
  • No Hidden Charges: With the TOTAL PARCO Club Card, there are no Service Charges, no Joining/Annual Fee. In addition, no Card Fee is charged from our postpaid customers.
  • GST Invoice on Club Cards: Our corporate Club Card users can get their GST Invoice on Prepaid/Postpaid Cards to claim GST Refunds (if applicable).
  • Offline Transaction System: We offer our customers a special feature which ensures that transactions are carried out regardless of whether equipment is online or not. If offline, the Club Card EPT machine acts as an autonomous server ensuring that there is no lapse in services.
  • Controlled Fuel Consumption: The TOTAL PARCO Club Card allows the customer to keep a close eye on spending. Fuel consumption is controlled and monitored through an online portal with separate access for each user.
  • Security: By introducing SmartChip Technology and a Personalized Pin for each user, we ensure that all transactions are effectively secured.
  • Online Tracking System: This allows users to analyze reports and transaction patterns with detailed breakdowns of all purchases with the date, time and location, type and quantity of fuel purchased, mileage used/left and much more…


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