Product Specifications:

For our industrial fuels, we firmly follow pre-set PSI (Pakistan Standards Institute) standards. Detailed specs can be found below:


  • Furnace Oil (HFO): Furnace oil is the residual product obtained from crude oil distillation. It is used in furnaces, boilers, kilns and for power generation. Furnace oil sold in Pakistan must comply with following parameters: Kinematic viscosity @50C⁰ of 180cst max, Pour Point is 75C⁰, Sulphur content is 3.5% maximum and gross calorific value is 18200 BTU/lb


  • Kerosene (SKO): Kerosene oil is a combustible liquid widely used for industrial as well as household purposes. According to PSI standards, sulphuric content in Kerosene oil must be 0.2% maximum


  • High Speed Diesel : For HSD, according to PSI standards, Pour Point is 6C⁰ and sulphuric content in High Speed Diesel oil must be 1.00% maximum


  • Light Diesel Oil (LDO): Light Diesel Oil is mainly used as a combustion agent in asphalt plants.  As per PSI standards, Pour Point is 12C⁰ and sulphuric content in Light Diesel oil must be 1.8% maximum


  • Motor Spirit (MS): Because of base components blended in motor spirit, it is quite volatile and hence must be handled safely. According to PSI standards, Regulated Motor Spirit sold by TOTAL PARCO must have minimum Research Octane Number of 87 and Sulphur content of 0.05% at the Maximum

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