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On every purchase of TOTAL QUARTZ packs on retail stations, the customer can instantly get Free Fuel worth up to PKR 250



  • Buy any TOTAL QUARTZ Pack from the retail station.
  • Make sure to receive the invoice receipt for the purchase.
  • Submit the invoice receipt to the forecourt attendant.
  • Fill up free fuel instantly in accordance with the TOTAL QUARTZ pack purchased.

On what products is this promotion valid?

  • This promotion is valid on the complete range of TOTAL QUARTZ.

What is the duration of this promotion?

  • This promotion is valid from 25th May 2020 to 31st August 2020.

What are the rewards of this promotion?

  • On QUARTZ 3000, QUARTZ 4000 & QUARTZ CNG, customer will get free fuel worth PKR 100 instantly.
  • On QUARTZ 5000, customer will get free fuel worth PKR 150 instantly.
  • On QUARTZ 9000, customer will get free fuel worth PKR 250 instantly.


The promotion is valid on selected Total PARCO fuel stations. For the complete list of stations, please check out the Terms & Conditions below:


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