TOTAL Parco Pakistan Limited

TOTAL Parco Pakistan Limited, a joint venture between TOTAL S.A.- The world's fourth largest Oil Company and Pak Arab Refinery Limited (PARCO) the biggest and the most modern refinery in Pakistan, started its operations in 2001.

Total Parco is setting a proficient network of state-of-the-art Retail Stations all over Pakistan. Total Parco, now with over 260 retail Stations has plans to add 30 new stations per year, till 2020.

As the fastest growing oil marketing company in Pakistan, everything that we do is guided by our deep and most abiding commitment to life. This is from where we derive all our hopes, goals and dreams to serve our customers.
We live by our motto, "Total Care, Total Trust" leading to unmatched customer service where "you" come before anything else.
Total Parco has been at the forefront of taking new initiatives in the Oil Industry. It has pioneered the concept of Mobile filing stations in order to effectively cater to the need of the far-flung rural customers by providing them with quality diesel at their doorstep. It also became the first Oil Marketing Company to launch 90 RON unleaded petrol in Pakistan under the brand name of Hi-Super without any additional cost to the customer.
We are also pioneers in the use of alternative energy on our service stations with the establishment of our SunWash Facility on selected service stations whereby the suns ray's are used to heat the water used for Carwashes, thereby saving energy and conserving the environment.

Strict adherence to health safety and environment standard is an integral part of Total Parco's corporate culture. The Total brand is essentially concerned in building the relation of care and trust with the customers.
As a socially conscious corporate entity Total Parco has been actively involved in community welfare projects. It is our never-ending care for the community that drove our "Drive Safe" campaign for the masses and an HSE/road awareness campaign for children based on a specially designed character "TOTAL Road Champ", both of which received great acclaim from local authorities like the Motorway Police and from within the Total group.

TOTAL Parco Pakistan Limited has a plan to position its retail stations in strategic locations across the country from the Khyber Pass to the Arabian Sea, so as to create convenience for our customers. Having done that Total Parco will sustain its existing market share and develop new markets as well.

TPPL has a commitment to upgrade the quality of its services and products regularly so as to provide maximum benefit and satisfaction to the end consumer. To this effect we have launched a fuel card at the end of 2008. The Club Card brings the customer a unique combination of convenience and security through its Pre Paid and Post Paid cards, geared specially to facilitate the customer.

Having been recipients of the Brands of the Year Award in 2006 and again in 2009 has set a very high precedent for us, meaning that the entire company is working towards maintaining the winning streak. Our prime focus in this effort is to keep providing our customers with the best products and an unparalleled level of service.

Total Parco is proud to be known as a company by choice!